Global Knowledge For Global Good

Global Knowledge For Global Good

The Global Research Alliance

The GRA is a dynamic alliance of eight knowledge intensive research and technology organisations from around the world. Its goal is to create ‘A Global Knowledge Pool for Global Good’. The focus is to apply science, technology and innovation in the pursuit of solving some of world’s gravest challenges. The GRA is uniquely poised to take on complex, large integrated projects through its strength of more than 60,000 scientists, technologists and engineers. The GRA’s ability to tap into an extensive global network of national and regional governments, universities, NGOs, other knowledge-intensive technology organizations, and private companies and corporations is unparalleled.

Dr. R A Mashelkar (President, GRA)

"The Global Research Alliance (GRA) has come together to solve the grand challenges that face the world- especially the developing one! We believe that with our combined strength of our scientists and technologists, we will make Science to Solve, Technology to Transform and Innovation to Impact- for the benefit of not a select few, but all! That is the promise of GRA which we are committed to stand by!"

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