Towards a Proactive GRA - GRA Annual Meeting 2016

VTT hosted GRA’s 15th Annual General Meeting in mid-May 2016, which was attended by representatives from all eight member organisations - VTT, Battelle, CSIR, CSIRO, DTI, Fraunhofer, SIRIM and TNO.

On the first day, members witnessed an impressive and inspiring display of the most advanced and cutting-edge research and technology development pursued by VTT - especially the Bioruukki Centre, Brewery Laboratory and Nuclear Safety Centre.

The following two days saw discussions around focusing more on inclusive innovation projects and  adopting a more proactive approach – even as GRA leadership continues its advocacy with global institutions viz., World Bank, OECD, European Union, Asian Development Bank and G7.
Each member provided an update on the changing landscape of RTOs and presented opportunities for collaboration on specific inclusive innovation projects. It was concluded that the future of the alliance would lie in the hands of young scientists and innovators and a Young Innovator’s Programme would be initiated to build and groom a network of young scientists, technologists and innovators.
The meeting was concluded by noting that GRA is re-energised to fulfil its lofty vision of global good through global knowledge with a focus on inclusive innovation.
The next meeting is scheduled to take place in May 2017, and will be hosted by SIRIM in Langkawi, Malaysia.